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The Marketing Toolbox: Facebook Insights

07 Feb The Marketing Toolbox: Facebook Insights

Traditional advertising is a valuable component of any good marketing campaign, but it can be a bit clunky compared to the power of new online marketing tools which provide real time analytics with details on client interaction, demographics and more.

Take Facebook Insights, for example. This incredible tool gives page administrators an in depth understanding of how their audience is engaging with their Facebook page. Some of the features include:
• Interactions Over Time – graph of total Wall Posts, Likes, and Comments by week
• Overall Post Quality Rating – how engaging your posts are to your Fans
• Fans Over Time – graph of total Fans, demographics, top countries, top cities, top languages, trends in user acquisition and subscription

You’ll never get that kind of data from a print ad. But data doesn’t mean anything unless you can apply it.

With tools like this we are able to see a vivid picture of our clients/customers. We can then take the information and customize marketing campaigns for specific audiences, allowing us to truly maximize our marketing dollars.

Let’s talk about Facebook and how to increase our Fan base and their interaction with our page.

The key in all social media is to post relevant, engaging, high quality content. In a recent survey of US Marketing Executives the top benefit of using Social Media is Customer Engagement. See graph below.


All Facebook updates posted to your page immediately show up in your Fans’ News Feed. The key is simply to post relevant, engaging content that will appeal to or inspire your customers and clients. Post this information frequently so your messages are consistently in front of Fans. Post a topic that encourages Fans to reply or contact you for more information. Post information that is valuable and will make your site a resource, encouraging recurring traffic. A combination of the above tactics will make your message more viral – encouraging Fans to spread your message to others or invite other friends to become Fans. When that happens, it drives more traffic to your page and ultimately increases business.

Thinking about your interactive strategy? Engaging in a social media campaign has many benefits, including brand reinforcement, low cost, direct client communications, detailed metrics and more. Facebook is an integral part social media campaigns for many companies, from mom & pop shops to Fortune 500 companies.

Do you have an established Facebook page for your business? Would you like one, but just don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re wondering if Facebook would be the right fit for your marketing campaign. gaiacreative can help. We can assist you in managing your current social media campaign, we’re happy to consult with you on what type of social media will work best for you and launch your social media presence!

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